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The meaning behind the logo……


My name is Sidney Floyd and I am the founder of Uncaged Intellect. I was raised by a single mother, and going to school was very difficult for me due to having Dyslexia. I spent most of my younger years selling drugs and living the street life. I went to prison at 19 years old and spent most of my twenties and thirties there. I was one who was caught in the cycle. However, in 2001 my life completely changed. While I was in the county jail, I made a conscious decision to commit my life to Christ. After serving numerous years mentally and physically encaged, I was released to a halfway house where I was blessed with a job.


Although being intellectually caged in my past, I didn't allow it to dictate my future. Therefore, I went back to school and got my Doctorate in Divinity, became a Certified Chaplain Instructor as well as a Certified Life Coach so I can help men and women that might need life coaching. My purpose behind Uncaged Intellect is to shed more light on the trauma men and women experience in their “Mental Prisons” and to educate the whole family by coaching them into healing.


Uncaged Intellect is not only a faith based life coaching company, but when you wear our clothing you will feel empowered and you will feel like the king or queen of style.

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